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For many nature enthusiasts like myself, there is nothing quite like heading out into the wild at the grey of dawn or, to be in the field with a camera in hand during late afternoon hours, in perfect light.

Untouched wilderness has become a rare luxury nowadays and we urgently need to protect and conserve whatever is left of it. Nearly all of our most precious wild places and biodiversity hotspots are in trouble: Threatened with destruction through economic and demographic development. But pure and largely unspoilt nature can still be found in a few special places. Be it deep in a far and endless desert, or in a dry savannah that may have large rivers run through it. Be it in a tropical rain forest, high up in the mountains, along breathtaking shorelines or under water, surrounded by the thousands of creatrues inhabiting a coral reef.

Flying out of the Pantanal

Photography provides us with fantastic ways in which we can explore our world and then capture and express our wilderness experiences, translating them into visual messages to support the work of organisations involved in environmental and species conservation. I have been a passionate traveller and photographer for some time and this site contains my main online portfolio. It is where I share my own wilderness experiences along with some thoughts and information on travel, nature and conservation.

Please feel free to explore myWilderness.net and do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to find out more about a particular image and about image use rights or relevant travel information.

I hope you will enjoy these wild encounters and please remember: Nature conservation, like any good tradition, is not about preserving the ashes, it is about passing on the fire.

Patrick Meier


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