Excursions and photo tours

In this section you will find travel reports about recent excursions and photo tours. The notes contain travel information and links to sites of interest in connection with the areas I visited, i. e. transportation, camps, lodges, travel operators, professional field guides, naturalists, further literature, etc. Please feel free to contact me in case you would like to find out more about any of my journeys.

As some information will undoubtedly have been missed or given insufficient attention, I would be very grateful to receive any information which corrects or updates what is presented on mywilderness.net.

Geographical locations are usually presented through URLs on Google Maps. Where maps are displayed on mywilderness.net, borders indicated therein do not in any way imply an expression of opinion on my part as to the position of international boundaries.

Light aircraft transfer from the Brazilian Pantanal back to Campo Grande:

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Next Excursion

Central Kenya

In February 2018, I will embark on an excursion to some private concessions in central Kenya, follwed by a a few days in the Aberdare mountains. This will be my first visit to eastern Africa and the great plains around Mount Kilimanjaro. I am also super keen to see if we find any melanistic cats in the Aberdares...

But first: the photographic results from the Kalahari-crossing will be processed an published shortly!