Mongolia, April 2017

This gallery contains images captured during April and May 2017 in Mongolia. This was a two-week scouting excursion to the Mongolian Altai mountains, with the objective to identify suitable locations to look for Snow leopards. We visited four national parks and strictly protected areas:
Jagarlant, Siilkhem B, Turgen, Tsagaan Shuvuut.
Thanks to the guys from Mongolia Quest Travel, this trip turned out to be a fantastic adventure!
View from Jagarlant to Munk HayrhanMongolian gersIbex in JagarlantWestern MongoliaMongolian Gers at Jagarlant MountainsMongolian Gers at Jagarlant MountainsWillows in a frozen streamFrozen stream in the Jagarlant rangeStone martenBactrian camelSnow leopard trackThe nomadic lifeYoungsters at playSetting the stageThe raceLivestock at JagarlantThe boys at playÖlgii to Siilkhem B