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Recent Work

Nagarhole National Park, February 2020 and March 2022:


It has taken me a while to publish these photographs and I decided to combine them into one "Recent Work" folder. The first small set of highlights was made back in February 2020. Covid had already been doing the rounds, and Switzerland went into lock-down three days after my return. The 12 days spent at Nagarhole National Park looking for the melanistic leopard of Kabini provided very few observations, and again I missed the black leopard by minutes.

After this excursion, India closed its borders to foreign visitors for almost two years. Only in March 2022 could we return to Nagarhole, for a final attempt to find the black leopard. The area had received unusually intense, early rainfalls, and the forest (compare with photographs from 2020) had turned colourful, with fresh, short grass covering the ground. This last visit to Nagarhole would be titled "Mission failed successfully": no black leopard, but some amazing impressions of a yellow leopard at a fresh kill, and many other beautiful encounters with jungle wildlife.

I hope you enjoy what you find here!

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