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Recent Work

Bodoquena Plateau to Pantanal, June 2022:


Brazil is one of my all-time favourite places for wildlife photography and on my desk remains a rather extensive list of destinations to explore in this vast country. The June 2022 expedition was centered around a revisit of the area near Bonito MS. From here I crossed the Brazilian Pantanal south to north. Starting on Pousada Aguapé, then heading up via light aircraft charter to Porto Jofre and from there to a houseboat on Rio Piquiri, eventually driving up the Transpantaneira road to Pousada Piuval, before completing the expedition in Cuiabá.

This gallery contains some beautiful additions to the photographs from previous innings starting all the way back in 2011. New camera equipment, hopefully improved skills, and the odd spark of good luck provide a fascinating window to some of southern Brazil's wildlife.

I hope you enjoy what you find here!

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